Phil's Newsletter #27

Pain points and friction

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: We discussed The Bacon Grease Jar and its time travel powers.

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This week’s guest on OpenCV Weekly was Raymon Lo from Intel, who gave an awesome live demonstration of building and deploying an AI classifier using OpenVINO and Jupyter Notebook. I learned a lot! Next week we will talk with some OpenCV AI Competition participants. Wrestling t-shirt of the week: Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly.

I have no special wisdom today, just A Bunch of Stuff That Happened. Join me in recapping the Week Of Phil. I re-arranged my office/bedroom to better suit the streaming and hosting duties that take up my time lately. I put my friends books in the background because if your friends were as cool as mine you’d brag on them too. They sit just below my dad and gramps’ ashes.

I am joining all the dating apps. Everybody wants someone to go kayaking or jump off a cliff with them, and you can absolutely miss me with that shit. I like my skin and bones where they are. Rest assured, I still Hate Doing Stuff.

I am now partially vaccinated and could theoretically interact with other humans in about 1 earth month. This timeline puts us into June before I’m all vaxxed up.

My lease is up in September. Who wants a roommate?

New Weekly Streaming Schedule - Now With Punching… and Evil

Over on my Twitch channel I’ve posted a new schedule. Sundays are now Evil Genius 2 days. On Wednesdays we’re doing a new series called STICKS & FISTS where we play Beat ‘em Ups. John and I did a first run last night, playing some Streets of Rage for Genesis. I created a little custom intro for it:

You can watch the saved video. We had some opening night technical issues, with RetroArch deciding to hard lock at one point, and then John ran out of continues. Whoops. I may become an embedded journalist in Noah’s GTA5 rampages at some point, too, so smash that subscribe button.

Last night’s stream was my first time using the Twitch Studio app, and I have Thoughts. Those will have to come later, though. Speaking of streaming…

This Saturday @ 7pm: RetroStrange Movie Night

For the next Movie Night, this Saturday at 7pm, we’re going hard on the Devil Movies. First we’ll take in Lon Chaney in The Devil’s Messenger, then Christopher Lee will terrify us in City of the Dead. There are only a couple more episodes left in Season 1 of Movie Night. If you’ve been waiting to tune in, now is the time!

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Divergent League World Series!

The Chicago White Sox have taken a 1-0 lead in the 1993 Divergent League Baseball World Series, beating the Giants 4-1 at home. Game 2 streams live on Friday, April 30th at 5pm PDT. We simulcast on Twitch and RetroStrange TV.

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That’s all for this week, dearies. The Pink & Black Attack salutes you. I will holler at you next week.

— Phil Nelson,

Wizard Tower Gamma