Phil's Newsletter #30

Just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts?

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: We remembered my dad, and going to a Zwan concert.

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This week on OpenCV Weekly Webinar Satya Mallick and Bill showed how to create your own seamless panorama images using OpenCV- it was some good ‘ol educational fun. 

The episode will be uploaded to the OpenCV YouTube channel soon. Phil’s wresting t-shirt of the week: Yes!

Last week’s issue was one of the most-read so far, thanks to everyone who sent messages and shared it on their feeds. This is a personal newsletter but it still feels good when something connects with people.

It was an exorcism, of sorts. I’ve got some of dad’s ashes sitting here in my office, with his old varsity football certificate. We were both wedge-busters. Sometimes you just have to get stuff out of your head and onto the page.

I got the second Pfizer shot on Monday 11pm I was an achey, fevered, sweaty mess. I didn’t really sleep for 2 days. I got back to work Wednesday but I’m still running at 80% capacity here at Thursday afternoon. I’m looking forward to / dreading seeing people in public again. DNA Lounge is re-opening June 19th. I will be there. Nature is healing.

I have more work than I’ve had since pre-COVID times. I am sleeping less than I have since I was unemployed for a few months. Hmm.

New 3D Printable Design: Loring Queen Bed Supports

My Target bed frame came with 5 of the shittiest, cheap, little supports. I weigh 145lbs. I have broken 3 of them, and all I did was practice my flying elbow drop on it like 4 times. So I did what any normal person would do: spent a couple hours designing and then 3D printing replacement ones from scratch that will last.

Heart, download, subscribe, on Thingiverse. This week I’m designing legs for my Vox Pathfinder guitar amp so Junior, my robot vacuum/son, can sweep underneath it.

RetroStrange Movie Night: Uhhhh

Yeah, so, I kinda got drunk enough to not be able to run the stream last weekend. Dead air for 10 hours! Not a pleasant experience! It’s been awhile since I tied one on that hard. Hopefully it’s even longer next time. That is what I get for taking a break from drinking, I guess. You can catch the features on RetroStrange TV.

Next Movie Night is the last episode of Season 1! We’ll be honoring the late, great, “that guy” Dick Miller. Here’s a fresh invitation to my Discord server. We hope you’ll join us, come on thru for the finale!

Sticks & Fists: Beat Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie: The Game by Cheating

We did it, folks. We beat MMPR:TM:TG and it only took three cheat codes and dozens of deaths. I made my camera pink/black for you. Subscribe to my YouTube and Twitch channel for more Beat ‘em Up goodness.

Phil’s Good Links

That’s all I got tonight. Take care of yourselves, take care of someone else.

— Phil Nelson

Wizard Tower Gamma, San Francisco