Phil's Newsletter #37

Cracked and calloused but laughing

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: Not much happened, tbh. Is was Bobby Bonilla Day. Why are you still here

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This week’s guest on OpenCV Weekly Webinar was Minsoo Lee, CEO of Bluebox Labs. They just launched a new project called Co-pilot, which can turn any car (manufactured 1996 or after) into a smart robot with features like a dash cam, security system, mileage tracking, and more. Even better: It’s got an OpenCV AI Kit inside! Back ‘em on Kickstarter and tell ‘em Phil sent ya.

I am officially out of pro wrestling shirts to wear on the show. Somebody should buy me some more.

Hello, I Must Be Posting

In this issue: I built a keyboard, we failed to play video games, and I drop a heaping helping of Good Links.

You may have noticed I didn’t do a newsletter yesterday! At least I hope you noticed, pls notice me. Anyway I didn’t send one. I had this whole thing cooked up about feelings but feelings are stupid and I got tired of trying to think about them. Instead I drank liquor, pawed at my guitar, and watched cartoons. BTW, The official Dungeons and Dragons Twitch channel is streaming episodes of the cartoon from the 80s (hat tip @chappelltracker).

I may have some fun announcements next week, Eldritch Terror-Gods of the Universe willing. This week we tried to put our head down and get some work done. For once, the flesh was willing but the spirit was lacking.

I Built A Tiny Keyboard / Stream Deck

This week’s unholy fusion of 3D printing and hobbyist electronics is a little 6-key keyboard, which I am using to control OBS functions via hotkeys. It uses a Raspberry Pi Pico, a $4 tiny computer, and CircuitPython to do its thing. Next step: Relabel-able key caps so I can draw lil pictures on they keys. Speaking of streaming…

Sticks & Fists in: Failure To Launch

There was no Sticks & Fists this week, due to technical bullshittery. For some reason my video capture box was not communicating with my MacBook Pro, despite my asking in a very stern voice, swapping cables, etc etc. We got drunk on Nelson Fuel and ate Spizzico di Pizza anyway. Next Wednesday at 7:30pm: Sticks & Fists take on Knights of the Round (1981) the classic Capcom medieval beat ‘em up.

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The Good Links

A real cavalcade of whimsy this week.


I’m doin OK. Here’s me in a cool science hat

My lease is up soon and it’s stressing me out. I don’t really know what I want to do or where I want to go but I feel like I’ve finally gotten semi-comfortable with my new life. All comfort in this life is temporary, unless you’re some kind of horrible Bezos/Musk-style wealth hoarder of course. After the hell of the last 2 years, I don’t want to throw this temporary comfort away so easily. I’ve had enough change to last me for awhile.

— Phil

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