Phil’s Newsletter #43

Bruised egotist

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: We discussed generated adversarial networks (GANs) and Jess wrote about some Beatles tracks I picked.

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This week’s guest on OpenCV Weekly was Arnaud Bastide of Team Rocfort in OpenCV AI Competition 2021. They built a system to track and identify cows in the field, and have plans to include health monitoring and other smart features using AI. Next week: Joseph Nelson (no relation) returns with “What is Active Learning, and Why Does It Work?”

You know that episode of Futurama where they’re randomly skipping forward in time? I feel like it was just Thursday. The brain fog and tiredness are unrelenting. I mention this only because I know I am not the only one feeling sleepy at noon and hiding it ain’t helping anyone.

Couple days ago I banged the ever-loving shit out of my wrist while slipping and falling on my way to the bathroom because my floor was too clean. I am never mopping again:

This is partly why the newsletter is late this week. Maintaining a full-time work schedule as a freelancer is already difficult, but this feels just awful today. Hard to type, hard to make coffee, hard to do a lot of stuff…. but we’ve got deadlines, folks.

I did an interview for the Craft of Code podcast last week, talking about RetroStrange TV which is our streaming TV channel, and LOFI SCIFI, the old time radio channel we run. Unsure when it will drop, but I’ll definitely let you know.

A truck full of flammable chemicals caught fire on the Bay Bridge on Thursday. It’s wildfire season, and so my air purifier was already in the orange before I even got out of bed. Once the fog abandoned us it flipped to purple, apparently the worst air quality color, and hasn’t much left that grim state since. Pray for mojo.

Night GANllery

Of course, because I have Brian Problems, I started another project with the GAN process we were talking about last week. This one is based on one of my favorite TV shows, Night Gallery. The GIF above is based on the episode “Little Black Bag.” I can practically hear the creepy-as-hell Gil Mellé theme playing.

Unlike the Twilight Zone, which I will entertain exactly zero ill notions about, Night Gallery was a bit hit and miss but has a delightful veneer of 1970s smarm wiped all over it. It (mostly) rules, and Rod Serling was a golden god. Later seasons of the show kinda fell off as the studio took power away from Mr. Serling, but even the bad ones are kind of fun, or at least kind of stupid. Follow the thread on Twitter to see new Night Gallery GANs as I create and post ‘em.

The Monster Association, Meeting Five

Meeting Five of my weirdzo audio-visual project THE MONSTER ASSOCIATION is now available on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube. This one is a little less abstract than the others but also more bleepy. Next time is going to be a little more… monster-y. Prepare yourself, mortal.

Divergent League Baseball Signup Sheet

The next season of Divergent League Baseball, the atemporal fantasy baseball league where we simulate past seasons and allow trades between teams is starting soon! Go sign up to manage a team.

The Good Links

This is a short week, we have too much work to do. But the good links are here for you.

See you next week. Same bat time same bat channel.

— Phil

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