Phil's Newsletter #52

The New 52? Something something

It is impossible to find justice in a system so thoroughly broken as our own.

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: We were back, baby.

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The OpenCV Spatial AI Contest submission deadline is approaching rapidly! Monday 11/22 at 11:59pm Pacific time is your last shot to apply and be eligible for cash prizes and an expense-paid trip to Microsoft Build to present your project.

Learn more and apply:

RetroStrange TV Becomes More Real

RetroStrange TV (aka RSTV or #RSTV as it were) is our 24/7 streaming channel made up of curated public domain and original content. It’s also the home of Divergent League Baseball. While I was away in Michigan, the server that ran the feed died. Once I got back I started working on the replacement- it’s a totally cloud-based solution running on two servers from the hosting company of choice, Linode (use my affiliate link if you sign up with them). I’ll write a bit more about how exactly it works next week.

This week we got featured by Owncast, the software that manages the streaming part of RetroStrange TV, and are featured on the homepage of the project! Pretty cool! We’ve been averaging 4-10 viewers since the relaunch happened, and it’s pretty awesome to see.

That wasn’t the only big RetroStrange TV news, though: We’re getting a Roku app. Keep your eyes peeled on our website.

The StrangeLine

In hindsight it seems inevitable: I used Twilio to build a phone line you can call that plays old time radio episodes and tells you info on RetroStrange Movie Nights. It’s called the StrangeLine. To access the StrangeLine just call (814) 787-2643 (that’s 814-STRANGE). It’s free.

I wrote about building it a bit more on my blog at

Divergent League Baseball: 1999 Season Preview

We’re gearing up for Divergent League Baseball again, for real this time, with some exhibition games. Team ownership slots are still available for just $10 per team! Hit me up if you want to be part of the draft. These are being streamed on the following channels:

You’ll want to bookmark and/or subscribe to all of those. It may show up on Facebook as well.

Today we ran a test of the Divergent League Baseball: 1999 setup. Consider this one a live “smoke test”- it’s all the real stuff we’ll be using during the season. It went well, and I hope the rest of the season runs as smoothly. You can watch the preview replay on Twitch.

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“Good” being a relative term.

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