Phil's Newsletter Issue #48

Hot town, summer in the city

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: I was on a podcast, nails were useful, and I bought a cutting board.

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?Huh, Week A What

It’s Thursday and I’m writnig this from the patio of the SoMA bar & restruant in the neighborhood of the same name here in San Francisco. It’s sweaty out here, in the dog days of SF summertime, which occurs during Autumn. I feel like warmed-over shit baking in the sun, like the kind I had to step over to get here.

I’ve just booked a plane ticket to visit my ancestral homeland in the American middle-west, to visit with far-flung correspondents and most importantly my mother and family. I have not left the city, or even my neighborhood, at all in almost 2 years. Who is going to water my plants? Do I bring a guitar? Do I bring synthesizers?

Fall in the midwest is something that lives in my heart year round, and it will be good to take it in again with eyes and ears. I am really worried about traveling, but, I’ve already lost my Gramps and my Dad without being able to see them for years. I am vaccinated but I am taking a selfish risk. I’m aware.

Halloween Movie Times - Syngenor (1990)

I have not been in the best place mentally for, you know, 2-5 years, but I am doing my best to self-medicate with one of my favorite things: spooky (and/or spoopy) movies! If you’re looking for something new or old to get you in the mood for Halloween, this week’s pick is Syngenor (1990). Here is the trailer for it:

Syngenor came out in that magical time between the 80s and 90s, before the sleaze of the 70s had fully been rinsed out of all media and everything got turned into content for children.

It contains one of my all-time favorite scenes in any movie, where the inventor of the monster (who has been shit-canned by his employer) hears a noise in the night at his home and deadpans “… Syngenor?” as if he’d been waiting for it the whole time. Wonderful.

The Evil CEO who injects what I am calling Syngenor Fluid into his own neck is portrayed in a very weird, horny, way. Literally every man in the movie makes an incompetent, sleazy, pass at every woman they see. This movie goes out of it’s way to make you hate it. Syngenor is a greasy, horny, monster movie that fails to execute on every single level and I love it.

Of course, you can catch some of my other favorites streaming at any time on RetroStrange TV. Speaking of the 70s…

Shin Kamen Rider

They dropped a teaser for Shin Kamen Rider, the new movie from Hideki Anno who made the very excellent Shin Godzilla a few years ago. For those not in the know, Kamen Rider (aka Masked Rider) is a beloved and very long-running Japanese TV series, manga, and so on. It’s run almost uninterrupted since 1971, with a brief pause in the 90s much like Dr. Who in the UK.

I am so looking forward to this. Anno has this great use of what you might call “deep focus” in his films, that give bizarre situations a modern-but-nostalgic feel. It is a hard rope to walk. Plus… just look at the color palette. Hell yeah.

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Posting on Fridays is having mixed results, but it could also be that my content kinda sucks lately. We’ll have to try something different next week. In the meantime, take care of yourself and take care of someone else if you can.

— Phil Nelson

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