Phil's Newsletter-mania

Previously, on Phil’s Newsletter: We dropped the numbering gimmick for newsletter titles, we launched a TV channel.

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Today’s edition of the OpenCV Weekly Webinar featured Roboflow CEO Joseph Nelson (no relation), Satya Mallick, and me. It was a fun discussion about Why Computer Vision Projects Fail, and at the peak we had almost 450 people in there. Wowsers. Phil’s Pro Wrestling T-Shirt Watch: 100% Chance of Rain

It has been a LONG week, cats and kittens. Your boy, me, is somehow going through it EVEN MORE than last time. This shit is annoying. I don’t have much else to say, about Phil, today. But we have other good news!

The Extra Future Discord Server Is Now Open

Until now the Discord server I run, Extra Future, has been invite-only and reserved for Patrons and Subscribers. Now, it is open to everyone as a community server but Patrons and Subscribers get special perks. You can join or invite your friends with this link:

We have added some new channels, and have access to Stages, which are the Discord version of drop-in audio with hosts and whatnot. Mainly folks who hang out in the server talk about video games, pro wrestling, computer vision, and suchlike. You oughta come say hi.

This weekend in particular its WRESTLEMANIA, like every day is.

RSMN #22, and then, RSMN #23

Last weekend’s Other Than Dracula edition of RetroStrange Movie Night was fun especially in the audio chat. If you haven’t dropped in yet please do! We do this for ya’ll.

The next one is some more kick-ass Tokusatsu, with an all-time great in The Mysterious, and the third Gamera movie. We love us some Gamera here.

Divergent League Postseason

We are now into the final four of the 1993 Divergent League Baseball postseason. The Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Montreal Expos are in the League Championship series. We break the seal on these matchups Friday, April 9th at 6pm.


Those links had a family, damn it.

OK That was a time. Thanks for reading. I hope I see you in the discord. Yes, you.

— Phil