Phil’s Newsletter XV: The Recollectinating

It is always better the second time and always worse the third

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: Me and my nephews shot some hoops unstuck in time. It was almost my birthday.

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I am a midwestern transplant in San Francisco [For now. - Ed.] and when I came out this way a decade ago I wasn’t necessarily intending to stay here. But, I fell in love [Sort of like falling in a ditch -Ed.], and so here I stayed. I slipped out of Michigan without much of a plan and left quite a lot behind. [Like our 20s -Ed.]

As such, for the holidays and my birthday, with the requisite candy and cry-inducing drugstore greeting card with mom’s handwriting inside, my family sends along stuff of mine. Little things- a stuffed animal [Sparky. -Ed.], or our old backyard wrestling belt [The defaced JWA championship -Ed.], dusty photographs from a time before Digital Film. I eschewed these kinds of clutter for most of my life. I see their value now, in this pandemic, in this place.

My mother’s gifting is by measures practical and whimsical. Small things for fun: Bendy straws, whistles, and so on. The most fun you can have for $1/ea. The bigger gifts from her are more protective: Blankets, thermal tops, little flashlights or multitools, framed photos of half-forgotten summers with the family… warm, light, and nostalgic things to keep me safe against the encroaching cold and dark and uncertainty.

The things I have from my mother, from my home in the middle-west, are like armor. I am aware that the material properties of a blanket are not changed by its origin. However, like so many things today the physicality of the object seems… immaterial. My depression hits the dimmer bulb for dramatic effect.

“None of this is real, anyway.” [Little bit esoteric -Ed.]

It is a blanket, but it is a blanket my mother got me, and I love her, and I miss her, and if there is one solid fact it is that sadness and worry and love are impossibly powerful forces to try and hold for long. Binding them within an object is no small feat. Not possible, even, because as we know magic isn’t real.

But then again… Moms know everything.

Patron Love // It Is Movie Night This Weekend

First things first: I have finally added a Supporter Wall of Fame to the RetroStrange website. Our Patrons and subscribers are so fucking cool.

This Saturday is a movie night! Last time went almost suspiciously well, thanks to everyone who showed up, so let’s keep that momentum! Our audio chat on Discord was lively but not overwhelming. Come on in, the water’s fine.

We’re watching a pair of schlocky 1970s horror movies: The Werewolf of Washington and All The Kind Strangers. If you’re a Facebook user you can join on the event page there.

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Divergent League is still broadcasting every Tuesday and Sunday on Twitch. I am still doing the weekly podcast. Soon you’ll be able to pay $5 to buy a hand-made Season Ticket for this (in-progress) season from the On Base Productions online store.

In about 1 week we’ll be at the All-Star Break. Stay tuned for Divergent League All-Star Weekend news.

Phil’s Good Links

No day-job-talk this week. Too much of it! Let’s get to the Links.

Thank you again to everybody who said something nice or [Especially -Ed.] subscribed / bought me something for my birthday. This has been and will continue to be such a strange time for [Almost -Ed.] everyone. I am glad we are in it together.

— Phil