Twelve Minutes To Midnight

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: We 3D printed an oddly-satisfying item, and tried to look away from the elephant in the room.

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It’s Thursday, and you know what that means… it’s time for Phil’s Newsletter.

I skipped my Instagram Live appointment this morning for a good reason: I landed a client and they needed me to start immediately. As of yesterday I am officially helping out with copywriting, media production, marketing and blogging. Phil Stuff. Not a full-time gig, just contracting for now.

It’s a good reminder / reinforcement to myself that sometimes you really do just have to put yourself out there. If I’d not posted a proper “I am actively looking for work” post and individually asked friends to share it this definitely wouldn’t have happened. I still felt weird about doing it even though I knew it was necessary.

My first duty, aside from my triumphant return to the OAK Kickstarter updates, has been getting the ducks in a row for the biggest spatial AI competition in history- The OpenCV AI Competition 2021. The submission period began yesterday and runs through the 27th of January. 210 teams will be competing for over $400,000. Those are big numbers and they are not typos.

After he found out, subscriber Adam sent me perhaps the unkindest own of all (in grey):


The 3D Printer Section

Last time we printed a very oddly satisfying two-way screw, and people liked that a lot. This week’s print is a little less ASMR-triggering and a little more… housewaresy.

A post shared by Phil Nelson (@philnelson)

It’s a soap/sponge holder designed by piuLAB on Thingiverse. I did a couple of prints in different colors and will be sending ‘em out as gifts.

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Maybe 3D printing stuff can become a bit of swag for the newsletter or my Patreon. Subscribe at some level to get a 3D printable shipped to you every month? Hm.

New Guitar, Who Dis?

I should not be spending money especially because I (still) need more work. But, well, my nephew is a teenager now and super into playing guitar, and there was this clearance Les Paul Special for $110…

I am really happy with this thing. It is fun to play. Thus far this guitar is unnamed, but as you can see the strap I bought is festooned with Cowboy Roses. I was thinking something like Susie, or Rose… but Rose may be a bit too on the nose. Or what about Kane? The Big Red Machine.

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Divergent League 1993 Opening Day Is In The Books

We’re two games into the 1993 Divergent League Baseball season. Congrats to the Mariners and White Sox for winning their games. The schedule for this season will continue to be:

  • 2 games every Tuesday night at 6pm Pacific

  • 2 games every Sunday afternoon at 12 noon Pacific

These are all owned teams .vs. owned teams, with other games being added as time allows, or if we just want to watch more games! You can catch the opening day stream, and the highlights, on our Twitch channel in two parts. The regular season continues for several weeks.

At Last, The Good Links

Each week the links come unbidden- woe to they who defy the links.

That’s it! Go back to work or sleep or whatever. Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and caring. See you next week.

— Phil