Phil's Newsletter Issue #49

Let's Go Giants, clapclap clapclapclap

Previously on Phil’s Newsletter: It was a week. We watched Syngenor, and geeked out over Kamen Rider.

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New Music: The Great Pumpkin Waltz

Collaborator John Inacay has just released the newest RetroStrange theme tune- an Autumny little cover of local Bay Area composer Vince Giraldi called the Great Pumpkin Waltz. I asked John to write a little about the track, his unedited words follow:

“In the spirit of Halloween and keeping the next big holiday at bay for awhile, I wanted to do an arrangement of the Great Pumpkin Waltz. The tune comes from the 1966 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and was written by the Bay Area Pianist Vince Guaraldi. A haunting synth-y drum permeates throughout the track, and I hope it evokes for you a dream-like feeling just like when Linus waited in the cold for the Great Pumpkin underneath the beauty of Guaraldi's timeless melody”

Patrons got the FLAC, AAC, and MP3 download for free. You can get a copy from Bandcamp for $0 too!

Sticks & Fists: Brawl Brothers

This week we decided to gift the world with a surprise episode of Sticks & Fists, the game stream where we play Beat ‘em Ups. On this episode we played Brawl Brothers, a 1994 Super Nintendo release. We pitted some fools, and some fools pitted themselves, an we failed to make it to the final boss. We’ll be trying again Monday, October 11th around 7pm on my Twitch channel.

Baseball, Ray

Tonight at 6:35pm PST the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodger in Game 1 of the National League Division Series (preview on The Giants and Dodgers, despite having one of the best rivalries in sports, have never faced each other in a postseason game! I managed to get a ticket in the lower section of the bleachers. Keep your eyes out for me. I’ve never been to a postseason baseball game despite being a fan for pretty much my entire life. Fingers crossed the fights are kept to a minimum.

Your Discord Invitation

We’ve been doing watch-alongs of classic horror and sci-fi content not on the RetroStrange schedule. If you’d like to join us next time, here’s your invitation to the Extra Future Discord server. I hang out there pretty often.

Join the server:

Phil’s Good Links

The links are a little light this week. We’ll do better next time.

See you next time!

— Phil Nelson

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